The Vision

OMNI’s vision is built on the promise that each child will rise to a level of “excellence” when that is the expectation. It’s built for the purpose of ensuring that each child is maximized to their fullest potential and gain godly principles of living with integrity, character, and values. We're passing on a legacy of wisdom to the next generation. We hope you join us as we endeavor to lead by greatness, instill greatness, and watch greatness unfold before our eyes.

OMNI International School is the overarching school serving children from 5-18 years old with a subsidiary, OMNI International School-Academy, the preschool component, serving children from 2-5 years old. OMNI International School-Academy will also provide as a feeder center to the school for parents wanting to continue their studies in a trilingual environment. We will add a grade each year until graduation.  

OMNI’s vision is to provide an unparalleled opportunity for language acquisition in a full immersion environment with high emphasis on math, science, and technology in Southwest Atlanta. Highlights of our program include:

  • Foreign language literacy and proficiency
  • Advanced preparatory curriculum
  • Refining of gross motor skills through individual and team sports 
  • Refining of fine motor skills through enrichment activities in the arts such as painting, sculpting, music
  • Resource library
  • Social, emotional, and character development
  • Small teacher to student ratios
  • Advanced technology programs with computer labs
  • Intensive science programs with designated Science areas
  • On-site foreign language movie matinees on Fridays