OMNI comprises of two distinct levels of academics. OMNI International School Academy houses children 2-4 years old while OMNI International School is designated for older 4’s and up.

OMNI's faculty and staff are highly qualified, degreed teachers. We offer a well-rounded education based on high academic standards in all core subjects with emphasis on foreign language literacy, math, science and technology. Other components to our program include social studies/history, music, arts and crafts, journaling, public speaking, geography, spiritual and character development; library access and a number of on-site enrichment programs.

OMNI's Curriculum Guide is a comprehensive collection of required and expected outcomes for each subject on each grade level. The guide, updated on an annual basis or as needed, is customized from effective, researched based standards to meet the needs of our children in an accelerated manner. It incorporates academic standards from noted gifted programs and is usually two years ahead of the standards compared to the State of Georgia’s Academic Knowledge Standards (AKS). Teachers use various texts, workbooks, digital aids and other resources to teach the standards in the Curriculum Guide. The curriculum guide is delineated for each age level and a synopsis is disseminated upon enrollment.

Beyond the regular curriculum, OMNI students are challenged to participate in annual events such as our OMNI Olympics, Math bowls, Spelling Bees, Science fairs, Art shows, and Public speaking events. Each student will have an opportunity for civic leadership responsibilities in the multi-age mixed classrooms. As the student matriculates, those leadership roles are inherited by the next older group. Some leadership roles include but are not limited to hall monitoring, noise leveler, parliamentarian of the classroom, leading lunch prayer, etc. These tasks are rotated so that each senior level student has an opportunity to exert such qualities. Extracurricular activities provided by our affiliates include Karate as a supplement to the students studying Japanese, Kung Fu as a supplement to the students studying Chinese, private piano, Chess Club, and dance. The Cub’s Club afterschool program consists of board games, arts and crafts, cooking, video games, homework assistance, tutoring, puzzles, science projects, and more.